On 19th Baishak, 2055 B.S., 22 women collectively decided to establish an cooperative organization at Dumbharahi, ward no. 4, with the help of Ms. Subhadra Gurung, the chairperson of Creative Women Environment Development Organization. On the next day, the name of the company was decided and Mrs. Jamuna Shrestha was elected as chairperson. With the intent of providing monthly saving, the organization continued providing service. On 15th Jestha, 2055 B.S., the organization was registered in cooperative division office with the objective of income-based loan providence and saving. From then the employees’ income-based and skill-based work was enhanced. The objective helped for skill development and independence of every woman working for the organization. The organization faced many ups and downs from the time of establishment. Even though the organization province was supposed to be all of the Kathmandu district, this organization has not been able to expand throughout the valley. The organization is still working to expand the service. The state the organization today, is with the help and involvement of all the members of organization. The involvement of women from different casts and culture is increasing swiftly and, since the capability of each woman in the workplace is different, the organization is facing some difficulties managing their role. There is lack of encouragement and advertisement in the organization. Nevertheless, the organization is progressing according to its strategical plans and aim.